Salt Company

Our Story

For almost 50 years God has been writing a story that we believe is both unique and inspiring, yet far from complete. Jack Owens started a Baptist Student ministry at Iowa State University in 1972. In 1986 the ministry transitioned and became a ministry of a local church and changed the name to The Salt Company.

In 1994, fueled by a passion for reaching the next generation, the leadership of The Salt Company planted a new church, Cornerstone Church, with 24 community members and 200 college students. Since 1994 both the church and The Salt Company has thrived under the waterfall of God's blessing. In 2016, The Salt Network was formed. There are over 400 major universities across North America. Through the Salt Network, we pray we will see a thriving church and Salt Company established in all of these every major university centers.

Do it again, God! Do it again!